Eye Are High??

Spent the day walking around Zürich, mostly just peeking into expensive shops and drinking coffee. There were some weird ducks we enjoyed watching for a bit. 

We weren’t told when to be at the venue, so we opted for a car nap. 

Arrived at the venue address, but couldn’t find where we were supposed to go. After following some other lost-looking people, we ended up in The Zürich Academy of The Senses, a large open space that hosts a variety of tantric offerings. The show was part of a Meetup aimed mostly toward expats. 

The food was nearly gone by the time we found it, except for a full plate of muffin tops. We each had one. During a conversation with an attendee, just before playing, we were informed that they were possibly space cakes and we began to question our mental states.

We miss Lena.

We were ushered into the room and given a quick overview of the night’s agenda: brief introduction of us, form a large circle, 1 minute eye contact with a stranger, 1 minute shoulder massage from and for a stranger, 1+ minute of silence before we start playing. Kate was not informed of the silence part.

After the 1st set, we learned we weren’t high and felt good about that. Finished off strong. 

We made 2 German friends. Glad for that  

At the end of the night we learned we’d be staying with the organizer of the evening, a flirtation coach and Eye Contact Experiment leader. 

Although we weren’t able to snag any proper food during the pre-show, we did go “home” with a full black forest cake.


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